Grow a stronger school community where students and staff thrive with EduGuide’s simple peer mentoring curriculum.

Watch your school grow stronger as each week your students choose a new EduGuide step to support one another, creating a more sustainable, student-powered way to achieve MTSS, PBIS, SEL, and other goals. It’s a top-tier, evidence-based program that has improved attendance, behavior, achievement, and wellbeing.

How the EduGuide Habit grows a more resilient school community.

Each week in a self-guided online reflection, students learn 1 EduGuide Skill, and then choose an EduGuide Challenge to help 1 other person with that skill. Day after day, the EduGuide habit of supporting one another grows a community of purpose and belonging.

Within weeks, students and staff report better engagement, motivation, and wellbeing. And within months, researchers report improvements in attendance, behavior, and achievement.

See How EduGuide's SEL Curriculum Benefits Students and Teachers

Watch this brief video to learn how EduGuide lightens the load for teachers and helps to build stronger school communities.

Selected for CASEL’s top tier of evidence-based programs, EduGuide improves:

"At our school, we look out for each other."
Weekly acts of EduGuide mentoring grow a stronger community where students and staff thrive.

EduGuide Challenges Completed
“During this week I help my teacher with some papers because she got hurt so she can't do much.”
EduGuide Student
“I supported and encouraged my teammates at practices and games even though i can't participate.”
EduGuide Student
“I encouraged my friends to get their work done so that we all can bring our grades up.”
EduGuide Student
"I helped a girl who didn't really speak English with her assignment."
EduGuide Student
"I bought some snacks for some classmates i dont talk to much, it felt kinda good to help them and they were greatful."
EduGuide Student

Start meeting your SEL goals today


Schedule a strategy call

We’ll ask you a handful of questions. Then an EduGuide Results Coach will meet with you virtually to explore the best ways to meet your goals. You’ll get a plan, cost, and a demo of what that could look like.

Share the link

Once you’re ready, starting your students couldn’t be easier. Just share the link to our brief self-guided reflections. Each week students will learn an EduGuide skill and then choose a challenge to help a peer with that skill. Your EduGuide Results Coach will also provide you with PD, discussion guides, and other options for teachers who want to go deeper, but the only thing that’s required is simply sharing the link.

Watch your community grow

With EduGuide assessments you can see growth as it happens at the student, class, and school level. You’ll get a clearer picture of each student’s goals and receive updates on their needs. And you’ll watch your community grow more resilient each time they take another step to support one another.

What educators say about EduGuide

EduGuide has provided the missing component of emotional support for our students and a bridge with staff. It has been a significant piece in making our programs stand out. 
Juliana Q. Garza, Academies Director, La Joya ISD, Texas

What Others Have to Say About EduGuide

EduGuide has become an important part of our school. The lessons are deep and rich and provide excellent thought-provoking questions. The interaction between the students and the teachers in a safe environment has been very beneficial. The questions and tasks encourage students to find their best selves.
Ace Marcellus, Principal, O’Leary Middle School, Twin Falls, Idaho

What Others Have to Say About EduGuide

It’s good to see students reflecting on how they are thinking, how they are viewing the world, and bringing out their kindness from within.”
Kristin Gates, Assistant Principal, Seagoville Elementary School, Seagoville, Texas

What Others Have to Say About EduGuide

For building the connection between teacher and student, EduGuide is the easiest, most noninvasive approach anyone can take to develop relationships.
Paul Smith, Director of Wellness and Clinical Services, e3 Civic High, CA

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