Growing a Stronger Elementary School Community

EduGuide helps elementary school students find their voice and their place in the world. Through guided reflections about how to help others, EduGuide enables them to practice important social skills that grow relationships and build confidence in the classroom.

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How EduGuide nurtures elementary school students' growth

EduGuide's engaging videos and reflective writing questions get elementary students thinking about the steps they can take to be successful in school, how they can help others, and why it's important to try, even if you're not sure of the answer. And reading comments from teachers and coaches boosts their confidence and lets them know that they are heard.

Foundational Skills

With EduGuide, all students start with foundational skill activities and move on to more advanced skills as they progress through the program. Students learn how to set goals and overcome obstacles to achieving those goals. They learn and practice positive habits, like breaking projects into smaller tasks, taking breaks, and getting a good night’s sleep. They have the opportunity to use what they have learned to help others, strengthening their sense of belonging and purpose. They see that even at an early age, what they do makes a difference.
Well it helped me learn that there are lots of ways to improve. I know now there is many ways to make paths to something new.
Elementary School Student

Building a Stronger Community

Elementary students are learning how to make friends, help others, and develop relationships with adults beyond their immediate family. With each weekly EduGuide activity, students learn effective habits to help them interact with others, then practice encouraging and mentoring their peers through EduGuide Challenges. When teachers respond to students' online EduGuide activities with encouraging words, students realize that their teachers care about their success. They know a caring adult is in their corner, which builds trust and confidence. Together, students and staff build an elementary school community where everyone can say, "At our school, we look out for each other."
I was kind and showing kindness by playing with someone who was lonely at recess.
Elementary School Student

Early Elementary Options

In PreK-3, EduGuide works differently. Teachers use EduGuide’s online PD and resources to model social-emotional skills, but they need to use EduGuide’s group discussion guides in place of the online individual activities for students who aren’t yet reading. In grades 2 and 3, teachers can invite early fluent readers to begin using EduGuide’s online activities; that’s because EduGuide’s unique scaffolding tools support vocabulary growth -- students simply click on unfamiliar words to hear an audio clip, read a low literacy definition or get a translation. Those words then go into a personal glossary that both the student and teacher can review. By grade 4, all students can be using EduGuide online.

Engaging Student Supports

A nonprofit program designed in partnership with schools to meet the diverse learning needs of students, EduGuide provides multiple layers of support to ensure each student’s success.
For elementary school students, teachers can adjust the required word count for written responses, increasing it as students become better writers.

Results You Can Measure

As a top-tier evidence-based program, EduGuide not only delivers results, it helps you measure them. With weekly pulse checks and monthly assessments, EduGuide’s dashboards provide both quantitative and qualitative measures of your students’ growth. Each year your EduGuide Results Coach will help you use insights from your EduGuide data to grow your community and advance your strategic goals.
89% more self motivated
81% manage stress better
I loved the video and will use it as a way to explain to my students that their hard work will pay off. I have a few kids getting frustrated and embarrassed when they don’t do well with everything. I want them to know that struggle is a good thing.
Elementary School Teacher

EduGuide provides a simpler, more sustainable, student-powered way to grow stronger elementary schools.

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