Professional Development Supports Educators' Growth

EduGuide’s online, self-paced professional development supports teachers in growing their own resilience and wellbeing while guiding them in best practices for coaching their students and achieving school improvement goals, such as improving student attendance, reducing negative behaviors, and increasing test scores and grades.

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Personal Growth for Teachers

EduGuide’s multi-layered PD makes personal growth powerful for teachers. At their own pace, teachers work through a series of 20 self-paced online PD activities, setting their own goals for how they want to grow and creating a plan to overcome obstacles. Each activity helps teachers grow their own social emotional strengths as they grow how they coach their students throughout the week. Teachers can also do collaborative PD on EduGuide, encouraging each other on their growth plans as they share their reflections with one another. EduGuide monthly moments at staff meetings provide opportunities for teachers to share what they are learning and grow best practices together in how they build up their students’ strengths.
Teachers at Juarez Lincoln High School work together during a staff meeting to mentor their EduGuide students and one another.
Working on my own EduGuide path has helped me grow as an individual as well as an educator. I'm able to experience what it's like for the students to use EduGuide. This in turn helps me understand my students and what kind of teacher they need me to be.
High School Teacher

Extensive Teacher Resources

EduGuide provides teachers and staff with a range of PD training materials and support on emotional intelligence, equity, family-community engagement, wellbeing, and related topics so they can more effectively teach and promote social-emotional learning skills. The teacher version of EduGuide’s activities include orientation training, videos and instructional tips and options in addition to the student curriculum.

Teachers can also use EduGuide’s online resource library with 100+ topics, videos, standards, resource materials, discussion guides, research references and background material to go deeper into the CASEL competencies and how to apply them in ways that most benefit their students. Additional EduGuide supporting materials identify standards for SEL skills and learning objectives by activity and year.
[EduGuide's] Weekly Growth Reports are helpful for giving shout outs to teachers who are completing the PD Paths, coaching students, and it is a way to see who is reaching out and positively supporting students.
High School Principal

Online and On-call Support

After launch, EduGuide tracks each school and works with Team Captains to continually improve school outcomes. EduGuide studies data from the curriculum, observes teacher coaching interactions with students and recommends specific areas for each school to focus on. This leads to additional coaching and training that Team Captains are equipped to share at monthly staff meetings and in other interactions.
At first, I was worried that this was going to be one more thing I had to do. But EduGuide provides all the curriculum and planning within its program. It has been so easy. In addition, because I am able to follow the activities the students are doing in my own path, I too am reflecting and setting goals for myself. It’s so fun to receive a cheer from my colleagues because I know I am supported.”
High School Teacher

EduGuide provides a simpler, more sustainable way to grow stronger schools and stronger teachers.

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