Supporting College Students on Their Path to Success

With EduGuide, college students can grow and persist in areas associated with academic success and personal achievement.

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EduGuide helps college students improve GPA, persist to stay in school

EduGuide provides college students with a platform where they can open up about their struggles and learn how to work through academic and personal challenges. They know that someone has their back and can help them along their path. And research shows that EduGuide can improve first-semester college GPA, which can provide students with the determination to stay in school and achieve their educational goals.

Skills for College Success

According to the Education Data Initiative, 24.1% of college freshmen drop out of school by the end of their first year. And many students who struggle don't ask for help, making it challenging for university staff to identify those who could use extra help. EduGuide provides a means of student support that can be built into some or all courses. All students benefit, not just those who are struggling. By completing 10 online activities per semester, students learn techniques for setting goals, overcoming obstacles, managing stress, and building positive habits. Those habits translate into higher grades, which can motivate students to stay on course for graduation.
EduGuide has helped me deal with failure. It has taught me that I can fail at something but that does not mean I should give up or be discouraged. It has given me more hope to keep trying for what I want.
University Student

Growing a Stronger Community

Professors and other college faculty and support staff can follow students' activity progress and respond with coaching comments, creating a campuswide web of student support. These online coaching converstations increase belonging and encourage growth. Students also build community among their peers each week as they learn 1 EduGuide Skill and then choose an EduGuide Challenge to help 1 person with that skill. Each reflection guides students through a series of questions and a video or role play where they learn to grow by supporting others.
Faculty and staff can also use EduGuide to assess student needs and identify students who might need extra academic or emotional support. EduGuide coaches can direct students toward counseling, tutoring, and other campus support systems through the privacy of the app, maintaining student confidentiality while providing assistance.
It made me think about my life and what I want to accomplish this year, and it has made me really excited about the future."
College Student

Easy Implementation Options

EduGuide is literally ZERO prep. Faculty members simply share the link for students to log in and complete EduGuide reflections on their own. EduGuide can be seamlessly added to any course syllabus or included as part of a resource library. Colleges and universities can choose to embed EduGuide into campus orientation programs, first year seminars, programs for first-generation college students, or even as a scholarship requirement.
The first semester that we used EduGuide, our rate of entry into the following semester increased from somewhere around 67 percent to about 82 percent. More students actually persisted and went through to the next term, and the next term.
Kelly McCarron, Associate Dean, Davenport University

EduGuide enables students to persist toward college achievement goals

College students who used EduGuide's online platform reported that they were more self motivated and more confident about earning their degree. University administrators found that EduGuide helped them identify students who might need academic or emotional help, and also increased persistence and resilience among all students using the program.

EduGuide provides a simpler, more sustainable, student-powered way to grow stronger colleges and universities.

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