Growing a Stronger High School Climate and Culture

"At our school, we look out for each other." That’s the deeper purpose and sense of belonging that grows from high school students and staff supporting one another each week through their EduGuide peer mentoring challenges. EduGuide's online social emotional learning lessons help increase student engagement, encourage students to pursue college and career goals, and promote a positive school climate.

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EduGuide inspires students to model positive behaviors

Through EduGuide's reflective writing activities and mentoring challenges, high school students learn that they have the power to turn negative situations into positive ones. By modeling the behaviors they want to see and mentoring their peers, they create a more positive school climate. Watch this video to hear how this worked at one Chicago high school.

Guided Success

An EduGuide Results Coach meets briefly with high school leaders to plan and grow your peer mentoring community schoolwide. Plans are tailored to your program and strategic goals such as improving behavior, boosting school attendance, increasing achievement, and fostering wellbeing -- which research shows EduGuide delivers. Results Coaches are former teachers, administrators or other leaders, so they know how to get things done. On-call as needed, they will follow your progress, provide reports, and make recommendations throughout the year on best practices that will prepare your high school students to achieve their goals for college, career, and life.
It has helped me to realize that I need to push myself harder, so I can bring out what is truly inside of me.
High School Student

Simple Starts

Within days of meeting with their Results Coach, schools can start EduGuide’s simple peer mentoring habit. Even with busy high school schedules, it's easy to find an English, advisory or other class where students can work with EduGuide for at least 15 minutes per week on their phone or laptop. Teachers just share the link and students get started. For students, it's as simple and natural as texting with a friend.
Each week in a self-guided reflection, students learn 1 EduGuide Skill and then choose an EduGuide Challenge to help 1 person with that skill. Each reflection guides students through a series of questions and a video or role play where they learn to grow by supporting others. Week after week the EduGuide Habit shifts behaviors, strengthens relationships and builds a thriving culture. Together students grow a stronger community. It’s that simple.
I used to not engage in class activities and now I ask the teacher questions and make sure I properly understand the lesson.
High School Student

Powerful Teacher Options

EduGuide is literally ZERO prep. Just share the link for students to complete EduGuide reflections on their own. But when they want, teachers can also choose to go deeper with EduGuide's powerful tools to support students. For instance, teachers, counselors, or other assigned staff can easily see what students have written to learn about their needs. They can reply to build bonds that increase student engagement in class. They can explore key issues with discussion guides. And they can use coaching strategies from EduGuide PD throughout the week to bring out students’ social and emotional strengths.

Engaging Student Supports

A nonprofit program designed in partnership with schools to meet the diverse learning needs of students, EduGuide provides multiple layers of support to ensure each student’s success.
Teachers can adjust the pace and level of writing on EduGuide by school, class, or individual student. Students can click on any word to get a definition and add it to a personal glossary to build their vocabulary. English language learners can get a translation into Spanish or eight other languages.

Results You Can Measure

As a top-tier evidence-based program, EduGuide not only delivers results, it helps you measure them. With weekly pulse checks and monthly assessments, EduGuide’s dashboards provide both quantitative and qualitative measures of your students’ growth. Each year your EduGuide Results Coach will help you use insights from your EduGuide data to grow your community and advance your strategic goals.
86% better attendance
88% Improved relationships
I’ve been involved in assessing student progress in a lot of programs over the last 20 years, and generally I don’t see a lot of impact…But with EduGuide I was very surprised as one of the few that I have seen that have had a major impact.
Dr. Kwame Opuni, federal program evaluator

EduGuide connects high school students and teachers to achieve more

Through EduGuide, students at La Joya ISD's college-career academies understand the importance of school attendance and learn how to manage high expectations. But more importantly, they know that they matter. They feel seen and heard by their teachers, which gives them them the confidence to make positive changes in their lives.

EduGuide provides a simpler, more sustainable, student-powered way to grow stronger high schools.

When you schedule your strategy call, you’ll answer a few easy questions about your needs. You’ll then meet with an expert who will walk you through how EduGuide works and help you explore the fit for your high school.
An award-winning nonprofit founded in 2000, EduGuide's programs have been used by thousands of schools and colleges to coach millions of students to success. Learn more about us.

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