How EduGuide Improves Academic Achievement

"I help my friends understand the classwork we were doing so that they could do good on the test and have good grades."

EduGuide is the simple, systematic way to engage all students in supporting one another. Each week, students do a guided reflection where they learn 1 EduGuide success skill, then choose an EduGuide challenge to help 1 other student with that skill. This EduGuide Habit grows a powerful peer mentoring community that builds belonging, wellbeing, and academic achievement. Classmates support one another as they share what they have learned and practiced, so that everyone can succeed.

Improving Test Scores and Grades

A rigorous, independent study indicated that EduGuide can significantly increase two key predictors of STEM and college-career success: standardized math test scores and GPA. The study of 861 students measured EduGuide’s impact at the elementary, middle and high school levels by comparing students who used EduGuide to similar students who did not use EduGuide after controlling for other factors.

Compared to the average comparison group student who scored at the 50th percentile on a state standardized math test, statistically similar EduGuide elementary and middle school students scored 10% higher.  Likewise, students who used EduGuide had higher grades than the comparison group.

Building Academic Confidence

EduGuide builds curiosity and problem-solving skills to help students tackle challenging math and science curriculum. EduGuide also helps students overcome math anxiety and stereotype threat issues, which have been shown to have a disproportionate impact on young women and minority success in STEM.

In addition, students learn practical strategies for active learning and self-testing as they process new information. They also practice personal habits that lower stress and increase focus. Getting a good night sleep, taking a nature break, and mindful breathing can help students approach tests more calmly.

Better Habits, Better Grades

The EduGuide skills students learn help them develop habits that can translate into higher grades. Students report that EduGuide helps them to change their approach to school, which is reflected in their grades.  Here's what they have to say: 

  • “I used to not pay attention in class and now that I have been paying more attention I get better grades.” 

  • “I used to cram school work into a day or two and now I chip away on homework nearly every day.” 

  • “I used to not engage in class activities and now I ask the teacher questions and make sure I properly understand the lesson.” 

  • “i work hard to keep my grade up and encourage myself every day to get up get ready and go to school”

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