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How Can Schools Reduce Chronic Absenteeism?

Chronic absenteeism has soared in the past two years. Researchers say that building stronger student-teacher relationships and increasing students' sense of belonging, purpose, and agency can get them to school and keep them there. Watch the video excerpt to learn how these intrinsic motivators can boost school attendance.

With EduGuide, students learn and practice skills and attitudes that encourage them to make attendance a priority. In addition, EduGuide's mentoring community also creates bonds that build a safer community where students know they matter and they have something to contribute. Increased student engagement creates an environment where students want to come to school.
Rigorous, independently funded research indicates that compared to control groups, EduGuideā€™s activities have provided students with skills and attitudes that make them want to come to school and do their best, reducing chronic absenteeism from 35% to 20%. And when schools improve attendance, they also see gains in student achievement and wellbeing, and a decrease in negative behaviors. All of these contribute to a school climate where classroom management is easier, lightening the load for teachers.

EduGuide is Your School Attendance Solution

Research indicates that EduGuide has helped schools improve attendance by 10 percent or more, while also boosting behavior, wellbeing, and achievement. Each week in a carefully designed online reflection, students learn 1 EduGuide skill and then choose an EduGuide challenge to help 1 other person with that skill. Week after week, this simple EduGuide Habit builds a powerful peer community that provides a more sustainable way for students -- and schools -- to grow stronger.

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