Building Relationships and Student Connections

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“Students are encouraging others, helping one another, asking one another for help. The wall is down, they find a safe space in the classroom.”

Each week in a self-guided online reflection, students learn 1 EduGuide Skill, and then choose an EduGuide Challenge to help 1 other person with that skill. Day after day, the EduGuide habit of supporting one another grows student connections and safer schools. Within weeks, students and staff report better engagement, motivation, and wellbeing.

Students not only connect to one another more deeply, they also build stronger student-teacher relationships, a key factor in boosting engagement and reducing disruptive behaviors.

Peer Mentoring Builds Student Connections

EduGuide's approach to building stronger school communities is different. When student support is student led, everyone benefits. Students grow a sense of purpose as they mentor their peers. They create a learning community where students look out for one another. Here's what some students have to say: 

  • “I used to be a person who did not care about anything or anyone or myself but now I care about the people around me and I care a lot about being able to help not only myself but those who need it”

  • “My work with eduguide has reminded me to be a support system for others and for myself as well.”

  • “I was able to explain to my classmate our work and helped my classmate feel better.”

Coaching Increases Student Engagement and Trust

EduGuide provides a safe space where each student can reflect on their heroes, dreams for their future, barriers, sense of purpose, and personal goals and growth strategies. They have the opportunity to tell teachers about things using their phone or laptop that they would never tell teachers face to face. That’s how EduGuide’s coaching platform provides a way for teachers to interact with and see each of their students differently. Many teachers report it has enabled them to adapt their teaching practices and to build bonds that facilitate learning by increasing student engagement.

Teachers can easily scan student reflections from their device at any time to discover what’s on their students’ minds and reply back with encouraging coaching comments, building connections and belonging.

EduGuide Offers Connections to Foster Student-Teacher Relationships

“At times the online mentoring gives us rare glimpses of our students’ lives and we can use these small anchors as a way to connect with our students during in-person interactions.”
Cynthia Reyes-Fregoso
Juarez Lincoln High School
“We’re seeing an increase in the number of coaching given comments by teachers to students. We’ve had positive feedback from some individual students. It’s given some students a way to connect with adults in the building they might not normally connect with.”
Ace Marcellus
O’Leary Middle School
“I find reading what the students write insightful. Sometimes they are reluctant to say these things aloud, but with EduGuide, it is like journal writing and we are able to learn more about what the students are thinking and feeling.”
Denise Ramirez
Fabens High School

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