How EduGuide Reduces Behavior Issues

“I used to get in trouble a lot and not do work because I didn’t want to but now I do my work and I am more respectful and responsible.”

Negative behavior affects everyone in a classroom, not just those students acting badly. Classroom management suffers and all students miss out on valuable instructional time as teachers deal with behavior issues.

With EduGuide, students learn and practice emotional intelligence skills that lead to positive outcomes such as listening better, getting over setbacks faster, and managing stress better. They begin to choose positive behaviors over negative actions to reach the goals they set for themselves.

Fewer Discipline Referrals

A rigorous, independent study indicated that EduGuide significantly reduced students’ likelihood of negative behavior referrals in 6th grade. The study measured EduGuide’s impact by comparing students who used EduGuide to similar students who did not use EduGuide after controlling for other factors.

Compared to a statistically similar comparison group student with a 30% chance of having one or more negative behavioral referrals, a similar EduGuide student had only a 17% chance.

Student-led Behavior Management Leads to Student Success

With EduGuide, students learn skills that teach them how to manage their emotions and grow personal and academic strengths. They begin to replace negative habits with positive behaviors that benefit themselves and their classroom environment. Students report:

  • “It has helped me, because I used to have a really bad temper and now I don’t.” 

  • “I used to be a slacker who didn’t want to do work now i do alot more work.”

  • “I used to skip class and now I don’t.” 

  • “EduGuide has helped me with my bad habits.”

EduGuide Makes Managing Classroom Behavior Easier

EduGuide not only consistently improves a range of learning behaviors, it can also prevent bad behaviors. Teachers report that students are better prepared, listen more, and participate more in class,

Both staff and students regularly report that EduGuide improves teacher-student bonds, which leads to deeper engagement. As one administrator noted, "When trust and respect are established, classroom management is easier. Students who feel heard are more willing to listen."

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