Improving Test Scores

A rigorous, independent study indicated that EduGuide can significantly increase standardized math test scores, a key predictor of STEM and college-career success. The study of 861 students measured EduGuide’s impact at the elementary, middle and high school levels by comparing students who used EduGuide to similar students who did not use EduGuide after controlling for other factors.

Compared to the average comparison group student who scored at the 50th percentile on a state standardized math test, statistically similar EduGuide elementary and middle school students scored 10% higher.

How non-cognitive skills boost test scores

How did EduGuide do this, when its focus is not directly tied to academic achievement? The answer is in the non-cognitive skills that EduGuide teaches. 

As a classroom supplement, EduGuide builds curiosity and problem-solving skills to tackle challenging math and science curriculum. Students learn the importance of effort and how to overcome obstacles and setbacks as they persist toward goals. 

EduGuide also helps students overcome math anxiety and stereotype threat issues, which have been shown to have a disproportionate impact on young women and minority success in STEM

Lower stress and increased focus

In addition, students learn practical strategies for active learning and self-testing as they process new information. They learn about neuroplasticity and growth mindset and practice applying that knowledge to their own schoolwork. They also practice personal habits that lower stress and increase focus. Getting a good night sleep, taking a nature break, and mindful breathing can help students approach tests more calmly.

Replacing panic with confidence

Students who use EduGuide share that they have seen improvement in their test scores because they no longer stress and panic when faced with an exam. 

  • “I used to panic about my tests and my grade and now I am doing better on test and my grade.” 
  • “It has helped me to be interested in my grades and to try to pass the tests that I have in class.” 
  • “I used to get 80 something on my test, but this time I got a 92.” 
  • “I used to be really bad with tests but it helped me get more good grades by helping me manage my stress levels.” 

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