At Detroit Enterprise Academy, EduGuide and GEAR UP Help Students Succeed

Detroit Enterprise Academy was introduced to EduGuide in 2021 as part of a collaboration with Wayne State University Michigan GEAR UP. First, teaching staff began using EduGuide for PD training. Then, last fall, Tayvion (student name changed for privacy) and his classmates began doing EduGuide’s online mentoring activities. With each new activity, staff and students learn a new EduGuide skill—like overcoming obstacles. Then they choose an EduGuide challenge to help someone with that skill.

Setting goals and overcoming obstacles

In one EduGuide activity, Tayvion wrote about how he had tackled past goals, like learning to do a backflip. He wrote: “it was hard and I was about to give up, but it was still fun.” Tayvion also wrote about a new goal he had to improve his math skills. He identified “laziness” as his biggest obstacle. He committed to “studying harder for an upcoming test.” Tavyion also said he would pay attention to his grades more “so if they are good, I will want to keep them up and if they are bad, I would want to make them better.”

In the end-of-activity learning assessment, Tayvion wrote that EduGuide “helped me to reflect on my old goals and made me want to accomplish even more.” Tayvion then chose an EduGuide challenge to look for people around him facing setbacks. He wrote: “if someone else gets in trouble help them get back up and then help them get back on track.”

Building a peer mentoring community

Later that month when Tayvion returned to EduGuide, he reported on how he had fulfilled his chosen challenge. “This boy in my class failed the test and was pretty upset, and I told him it was okay that you’re slow, you will do better next time. Then I helped him study, and we both got an A plus!”

EduGuide is grateful for our collaboration with Jamar Lockhart, the Wayne State University GEAR UP director who introduced EduGuide to Detroit Enterprise Academy. Together we are building a powerful mentoring community that also prepares students for college and careers.

Here are more examples of how DEA students have been helping their peers:

  • “I helped by teaching them a new skill that can help them in the future possibly.”
  • “I encouraged someone to use their skills in math and help them to be confident”
  • “I was able to help my brother by encouraging him in doing his work and telling him he’s smart enough” 
  • “I helped my classmate remember something in class because she forgot what to do, and me and my other classmate helped her remember what to do.” 
  • “When they wanted to give up, I made sure they didn’t”

Learning skills for academic success

Detroit Enterprise Academy students and staff support one another, building critical EduGuide skills that research indicates have improved not only grades, but attendance, math test scores, and first year college GPA. They are learning how to overcome a fixed mindset, see failure as a stepping stone to success, and build habits that will help them achieve their goals. 

This is reflected in their self-reported attitude changes. For instance, among EduGuide students:

  • 93% complete more schoolwork.
  • 89% participate more in class.
  • 88% are more self-motivated.
  • 87% have better attendance.
  • 81% get over setbacks quicker.

Students say, “EduGuide helps me create personal goals that I need to achieve.” And “it was helpful because it talked about how to keep going when you are losing or make a mistake.” Another student reported, “I have more confidence and focus on school better and my bad grades went up.” 

Through EduGuide’s partnership with Wayne State University GEAR UP, Tayvion and other students can continue to be mentored as they progress from high school into college and career training. Together, we are building a sustainable school culture at Detroit Enterprise Academy that prepares students for success.


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