College Readiness

EduGuide was the winner of a national challenge to improve support for college preparation.  The online activities create a pathway where students learn and practice skills that will prepare them for college success.

Non-academic factors for college success

Research has found that several non-cognitive factors play a vital role in predicting students’ first-year performance in college programs. These factors include the sense of purpose and growth mindset skills that EduGuide builds. Researchers found that students’ past academic performance alone can’t always adequately predict how they will handle the challenges of a new level and a new environment. This led them to conclude that “changing students’ non-cognitive profiles can lead to noticeable changes in their academic performance.” 

Through EduGuide’s reflective writing and mentoring activities, students build skills that prepare them for college success, showing measurable growth in areas including: 

  • More Curious to Learn New Things
  • Get Over Setbacks Quicker
  • Listen Better to Feedback
  • Complete More Schoolwork
  • Encourage and Mentor Others More

More prepared and more confident

High school students who use EduGuide report that they feel more prepared and more confident to achieve their goals for college attendance and graduation. They learn how to study more effectively, set goals, recognize when a fixed mindset is keeping them from moving forward, and try new things. 

College as an attainable goal

Here is what some students had to say about how their mindset about college success has changed since using EduGuide.

“Before I never thought that I would accomplish anything. A lot of the people around me would bring me down and tell me I couldn’t do certain things but now I am going to…college and I think I finally am starting to figure my future out. [EduGuide] has really helped me realize what I was doing and ENCOURAGED ME A LOT!”

“I used to not talk to anyone about my future goals but now I like talking to people about our future plans with college.”

“It has allowed me to grow in ways like being better self-motivated and more fixed on what I want my goals to be. I recently was feeling very scared and worried that I wouldn’t be able to complete college-level classes if I applied but my new self-confidence has allowed me to push away that thought. As a result, I am signing up for an STC dual enrollment program where I can graduate high school with an associate degree.”

“I used to think that college was not meant for me and now I believe that I can gain a career out of it.”

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