Creating a Positive School Climate

EduGuide’s program builds a community of purpose where both staff and students use weekly mentoring challenges to practice new ways of building each other up. This grows a more positive school climate, a place where it can truly be said, “At our school, we look out for each other.”

Students as first responders

EduGuide surrounds students with peers who are empowered through weekly challenges they choose on how they want to support each other. All students learn how to mentor and support one another. They  know they can be the first to step in when they see someone who needs help, a word of encouragement, or positive advice. This leads to a positive climate where students feel safer at school. School becomes a place they want to be–increasing attendance and engagement. 

Administrators report seeing changes like this: 

  • “Students are encouraging others, helping one another, asking one another for help.  The wall is down, they find a safe space in the classroom.”
  • “Students have been helping each other more this year since doing the EduGuide activities.”

Building a place they want to be

Schools using EduGuide find that students and staff practice traits that contribute to a positive school climate: gratitude, helpfulness, encouragement. 

“EduGuide helps in building relationships with students. Students know someone is there to listen to them. They know what they say is important… the areas we are trying to target, like cultivating culture and kindness, EduGuide supports.”

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Strengthening Students’ Wellbeing

Boost Attendance by Boosting Motivation


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