Reducing Student Anxiety

School anxiety levels have never been higher, for students and educators. EduGuide teaches students ways to reduce anxiety by managing their own feelings, bouncing back from setbacks, and supporting their peers through challenging times. 

Building Strengths That Reduce Anxiety

EduGuide helps students learn effective ways to cope with the many stresses that cause anxiety in their lives, whether academic, personal, or social.  EduGuide’s mentoring community builds strengths that:

  • Manage stress. Students report that EduGuide helps them manage stress better and bounce back faster from setbacks. 
  • Increase positive behaviors. EduGuide students achieve significant improvements in such areas as sleep, mindful breathing and building positive habits.
  • Create a network of first responders. All students are trained how to mentor and support their peers, so they can be the first to step in when they see someone who needs help, a word of encouragement, or positive advice.
  • Preempt bullying. EduGuide seeks to proactively grow a bully-free community by building empathy for peers and developing specific tactics to manage emotions and stressful situations. Students say that EduGuide has helped them resolve conflicts.
  • Spread restorative practices and relationships. More than 2-in-3 students report EduGuide helps them improve relationships with teachers, students, and their family. 
  • Improve trauma recovery. EduGuide has worked with leading researchers to develop strategies and activities that research indicates can measurably improve recovery from traumatic events in the lives of students and staff.

Practicing Positive Coping Skills 

One Chicago high school administrator saw how practicing the skills taught by EduGuide helped her students cope with the anxiety they were experiencing during the COVID pandemic. She witnessed students building their EduGuide habits and finding positive ways to approach the challenges that caused them anxiety. 

“It’s so easy, especially as a teenager, to be in your head, to think, oh this is the way it is, everyone’s looking at me, everyone’s judging me. With EduGuide, it’s like, oh wait, I can flip it. People are looking at me and I can be a role model and I can be a mentor and I can help these other students,” she said. 

Anxious about choosing the right solution to meet school improvement goals?  EduGuide can help. Schedule a strategy call to learn more. 


Strengthening Students’ Wellbeing

Creating a Positive School Climate


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