Boost Attendance by Boosting Motivation

School attendance has suffered in recent years, with chronic absenteeism at an all-time high. 

Educators need solutions to get students to come to school and stay in school. External rewards and punishments provide only a short-term solution. 

Choosing to Make Attendance a Priority

Students need intrinsic motivation to help them choose to make school attendance a priority. With EduGuide, students discover and build on three key motivators that increase their desire to attend school and do their best. These are: 

  • Belonging—I am valued here. 
  • Purpose–I have something to contribute. 
  • Agency–I can make choices and decisions. 

Building a Sense of Belonging

EduGuide shows students how to set goals, overcome obstacles, and develop a growth mindset that helps them to keep trying, rather than giving up or dropping out. By learning one new EduGuide Habit each week and then choosing one EduGuide Challenge to help another person, students build their sense of belonging, purpose, and agency over time. 

Rigorous, independently funded research indicates that compared to control groups, EduGuide’s activities have provided students with skills and attitudes that encourage them to make school attendance a priority,  cutting chronic absenteeism from 35% to 20%. 

Creating a Place Where Students Want to Be

One administrator noted that with EduGuide, students have begun to see school as a place they want to be and where what they do matters. 

“Students are encouraging others, helping one another, asking one another for help.  The wall is down, they find a safe space in the classroom,” he said.  

Learn how EduGuide can help you meet your school improvement goals. 


Motivating Students Through Core Purpose

Creating a Positive School Climate


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