The Research Behind EduGuide’s Program

Five What Works Clearinghouse validated control group studies provide evidence for EduGuide’s model, which includes reflective writing, goal setting, and coaching. Prior research validates the design of EduGuide’s model to benefit diverse populations through multiple What Works Clearinghouse citations (all without reservations) at both the secondary and post-secondary levels. 

Below are WWC validated research references that EduGuide’s curriculum has been built upon:  

  1. Aronson et al (2001) demonstrated that reflective mindset writing exercises, similar to EduGuide, could significantly improve GPA for minority students.   
  2. Bettinger et al (2011) demonstrated that regularly coaching college students on their goals and personal development, as is done with EduGuide, could significantly increase student persistence in college.
  3. Blackwell et al (2007) demonstrated in a longitudinal study that reflective writing interventions, similar to EduGuide, could significantly improve classroom motivational behavior.
  4. Morisano et al (2010) demonstrated an intensive, online, goal-setting program, similar to EduGuide, can have positive effects on academic achievement for struggling students.
  5. Walton et al (2011) demonstrated that a social belonging intervention, similar to EduGuide, can improve academic and health outcomes of minority students.

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Research Proves EduGuide’s Success


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