Gratitude Reflection Enhances Wellbeing, Eases Stress

Studies show that simply reflecting on the people who have made a difference in our lives can reduce stress and renew a positive outlook. This activity and accompanying facilitator’s guide can help students and staff be grateful for those who helped them grow–their EduGuides. It can be used in staff meetings for a PD activity, and then faculty can share it with their students. 

Remembering Our Role Models

Research shows that when people think about those who have positively influenced them (we call them “EduGuides”), it lights up the area of the brain that makes them want to beome more like their role models.  Those feelings can turn into action as they think of ways to become role models for others.

A Little Gratitude Goes a Long Way

This activity can have far-reaching effects. In the moment, remembering our EduGuides provides a sense of wellbeing and stress reduction.  However, the act of writing about that person and how they influenced your life results in a long-term experience of positive feelings. And “paying it forward” by becoming an EduGuide reinforces and increases those mental and emotional benefits.

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