How EduGuide Works in Early Elementary

In the Pre-K through Grade 3, EduGuide builds a strong teacher-led foundation through PD and discussion guides. In grades 2 and 3, teachers can start inviting early fluent readers to begin using EduGuide’s online activities, which can be used with all students by grade 4.

Here’s how it works:
Modeling. Students start learning character skills by observing and modeling the way their teachers interact with them and their classmates. The most important thing teachers can do to help their students is to regularly invest time in their own self-management and positive habits through EduGuide’s online PD activities. Teachers say they’ve seen EduGuide reduce their own stress levels as they practice coaching their students’ growth.

Discussing. EduGuide’s online library provides discussion guides that teachers can use with the videos, vocabulary, and other content from any of the activities that they think would be helpful for their students.

Inviting. In grades 2 and 3, teachers can select early fluent readers to begin using EduGuide online on their own when they are ready for EduGuide’s reading, reflection and writing. EduGuide includes scaffolded reading supports: students can click on any word to get a low literacy definition or a translation into nine other languages or to hear an audio clip for most words. These words then go into a personal glossary which the student and teacher can reference again later. And by reviewing their writing and the words they need help on, teachers can get a better sense of their readiness for more.

Coaching. When teachers respond to students' online EduGuide activities with encouraging words, they build stronger bonds that students say lets them know how much their teachers care about their success. Teachers can even continue to occasionally mentor students who have moved up to the next grade.

No matter the grade level, EduGuide can make a difference for your students, teachers, and staff.

EduGuide provides a simpler, more sustainable, student-powered way to grow stronger schools.

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