EduGuide's Curriculum Flexibility

EduGuide seamlessly integrates character education and success skills with academic content, making it easy to answer the question: “Where can we fit this into our class schedule?”

EduGuide’s brief activities can be easily embedded in advisory and a wide range of other courses.

In Social Sciences, EduGuide helps students develop a sense of purpose about how they want to contribute to their community and world. The program provides opportunities to reflect on the words of historical figures, introduces key concepts in social studies, and equips students with social and leadership skills that improve communication.

In Physical Education, EduGuide enables students to work on their own personal development plan for their physical health and wellbeing. EduGuide also develops “coachability” and persistence skills highly valued in athletics.

In STEM, EduGuide has been embedded in math, science, engineering, and medical courses because EduGuide was shown to increase standardized math scores. EduGuide was even awarded a federal grant based on research indicating its model can increase minority persistence in STEM fields.

In ELA and English Language Learning, EduGuide is directly aligned with key ELA standards to improve nonfiction reading, reflective writing and critical thinking. And EduGuide features make it easier for ELL students to learn and practice English language skills.

EduGuide provides a simpler, more sustainable, student-powered way to grow stronger schools.

When you schedule your strategy call, you’ll answer a few easy questions about your needs. You’ll then meet with an expert who will walk you through how EduGuide works and help you explore the fit for your school.
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