Assessments, Metrics, and Data

EduGuide’s online platform includes everything school administrators need to measure students’ progress with charts, dashboards, and real-time metrics. And because EduGuide’s learning assessments are brief and frequent, they better equip teachers to actively guide students’ growth.

  1. At the start, students identify their goals and obstacles for growth.

  2. At the end of each activity, students answer a few questions about what they learned.

  3. At the beginning of each new week, students briefly report on their last weekly EduGuide challenge.

  4. At the conclusion of each new module, students rate themselves on their growth in 17 key attitudinal, behavioral and achievement skill indicators.

  5. At any time, teachers and counselors can see students’ growth goals,obstacles, and progress. They can respond immediately to offer support and celebrate progress.

Unlike many programs, EduGuide captures not only quantitative data, but also qualitative responses in students’ own words. This more detailed picture, helps staff understand the “why” and find new ways they can support them. It also provides a more holistic picture of students’ needs and their strengths. And unlike static once-a-year studies, EduGuide provides more timely and actionable insights that can make a difference today in the classroom.

This chart records the number of actions students have completed to mentor, support, and encourage others as they progress through their EduGuide modules. Below the chart, teachers can read student comments that share what they did that week (e.g., “I helped my friend understand a math problem.”)

Sample School Dashboard Growth Report

At the conclusion of each module (4-6 activities), students can choose to report on any areas where they are experiencing growth and what that looks like for them . Teachers and staff can easily see the areas where they can encourage and celebrate their students’ progress.

Real-time Data Guides Program Success

EduGuide provides robust data for educators at the school and district level to monitor and evaluate program effectiveness.
EduGuide provides a simple, transparent view into every level of usage to continually improve implementation fidelity and student success.

On a phone or any other device, staff can see real time stats at the school, classroom and student level:
  • Time on task
  • Student activities completed
  • Teacher PD activities completed
  • Teacher coaching comments given
  • EduGuide weekly challenges completed
  • Learning outcomes from EduGuide activities
  • Growth outcomes from EduGuide modules

  • EduGuide’s dashboards enable staff to sort, filter and analyze these statistics with charts and other tools to quickly see trends and respond to students who need attention. EduGuide even makes it possible to study relationship maps showing the level of mentoring support that each student has received from different staff to ensure more equitable support for all students.

    EduGuide also sends weekly summary reports to keep everyone in the loop and celebrate teachers who have led growth for the week at their school.

EduGuide provides a simpler, more sustainable, student-powered way to grow stronger schools.

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