About EduGuide

Founded in 2000, EduGuide is an award-winning nonprofit. We specialize in research and tools that thousands of schools, colleges and organizations have used to guide more than one million people to take measurable steps to success. EduGuide’s work has stretched from cradle through career. We focus on learning from bright spots: how some students reach their goals even when faced with imposing obstacles. And we apply what we learn to empower collaborations that support holistic student success.

EduGuide’s program grew out of two national studies. EduGuide won a national research grant competition for a first-of-its-kind study on using technology to engage first generation students, their parents and educators. EduGuide then collaborated with NCAN, NCCEP, COE, MENTOR and other national networks to study mentoring strategies in college access and success, recommending strategies to improve effectiveness for all students.

In the Lumina Foundation’s Next Generation Student Supports National Challenge, EduGuide’s program model was selected for a seed grant. Next, the Kellogg Foundation funded a pilot of EduGuide’s program. Then the Raikes Foundation provided additional funds to grow EduGuide’s program and to partner with researchers at Stanford and the University of Chicago to continually improve EduGuide’s effectiveness in helping educators narrow equity achievement gaps. Various regional funders have also supported EduGuide’s partnerships with local schools and colleges who contribute towards their share of program costs. EduGuide’s work has been recognized for distinguished achievement by the Education Publishers Association, the School Public Relations Association and a televised dialogue with the U.S. Secretary of Education during a previous administration.

Why I Founded EduGuide

By Bryan Taylor, EduGuide President

Not long ago, my mom told me that Char Troy had died. She was my school counselor. I never made the honor society, but Mrs. Troy saw something in me that others didn’t. She sat me down in her office to talk about my future. When I got into trouble, she coached me on how to get out, without talking down to me the way most adults did. And in my junior year, by some miracle which I still don’t understand, she sent me to a two-week talented and gifted college access program at Eastern Michigan University, all expenses paid.

She was an EduGuide: a person who is passionate about pursuing their potential and finds joy in helping others reach theirs too. EduGuides live to share what they’re learning and to help others discover new ways to succeed — because it’s at these times when they know best what they were put on this Earth for.

Imagine if there were more EduGuides in this world. Imagine if we all worked together to help each student reach their full potential. Imagine, for a moment, if you and I could set aside all the things that get in our way and rebuild education around students: a personalized path for each person that brought out their best. Because each person is worth it.

That’s why I founded EduGuide. We began building a body of research and tools, like this platform, that any group could use to coach people as they take measurable steps to success. And we designed it as a non-profit, so that our sole focus would be on making a difference, and any money we raised could be poured back into helping more people. Funders like Kellogg, Mott, Lumina, Ford and many others have enabled us to grow to help millions to take measurable steps to success.

As EduGuides, we’re all in this together. And if we work together, we can change the course of lives, the way Char Troy did for me.