EduGuide Matching Grant Partnership
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Grant Summary

Nonprofit EduGuide is now selecting colleges for a matching grant covering half the cost of an evidence-based, campuswide program of online activities which control group research indicates can significantly increase student GPAs, persistence and success. Supported by the Kellogg Foundation, EduGuide provides a simple, innovative model in which every student is mentored on their personal growth plan -- developing a sense of purpose and community, and building the soft skills employers value.

10 selected grantees will receive annual grant funding covering half the cost of a campuswide implementation of EduGuide’s program. EduGuide is also available for smaller groups at a standard cost of $20 per student per year.

To learn more about the program and discuss a possible partnership with EduGuide, please schedule a meeting with our team:

If you'd like immediate assistance or a meeting time not on our calendar, please contact us at or 1-800-832-2464.


Students use their phones or other internet-connected devices to do a total of 10 self-paced activities each semester as part of the participation grade in their courses. The evidence-based activities can be done in as little as 15 minutes each. Every semester, students experience 10 new activities, building skills upon the mindsets they’ve learned and preparing for the next level of challenges they face. Faculty and staff can add additional impact for all or targeted students by responding online with simple coaching questions, encouraging students to go deeper and write more. The model builds stronger student-mentor bonds, creating a purposeful community that drives persistence.

Eligibility Requirements

EduGuide will identify matching grant partners via meetings based on the level of commitment of school leadership to implement the program with fidelity. To be considered for a matching grant partnership, your college must:

Grant Review Timeline

January 27, 2016 Grant announcement; selection process opens
February - March 2016 Partnership candidate meetings held
June 2016 Partners announced
August 2016 Programs launch with the new school year