Narrowing Equity Gaps

EduGuide undertook a multi-year initiative to find new ways to ensure each and every student received the support they needed to succeed in school and life. We studied gaps that students experience, and then as a team we researched what things contributed to those gaps. We spent time listening to students’ own experiences in focus groups, interviews and surveys. We sought advice from educators and other experts. We recognized areas where our efforts had fallen short in the past. And we went to work developing, testing and refining ways to improve how we equipped students and staff to succeed together.

The results, as measured in independent studies, showed significant student gains in attendance, behavior and achievement which went a long way toward narrowing the gap in student success. And we continue to work with more schools to grow those gains.

Growing more equitable communities

Here are 9 key ways EduGuide equips students and staff to work together toward learning communities where everyone thrives: 

  1. Belonging. EduGuide’s peer mentoring community surrounds students with encouragement and support, providing the kind of belonging which research shows is critical to the success of minorities and others who may sometimes feel like outsiders. 
  2. Purpose. With EduGuide, students learn that at our school we look out for each other. Each week as they choose how they will help another student, they grow a deeper sense of purpose and agency that research has shown helps students persist toward their goals, whether that’s completing an assignment or completing a degree.
  3. Student voice. EduGuide gives faculty and staff a chance to hear what’s on students’ hearts and minds in their weekly reflections. These insights help staff build relationships and bridge generational and cultural differences, so they can adapt their teaching practices to more equitably engage all students.
  4. Relevance. EduGuide’s curriculum reflects the diversity of student experiences with stories of Black, Hispanic, White, Asian American, Native American and other ethnicities. And EduGuide also includes stories of people who have turned perceived weaknesses into strengths, from being short to being blind to being slower developmentally, to experiencing trauma.
  5. Resilience. EduGuide builds skills shown in research to help students succeed under pressure, even when they feel disrespected or stereotyped by others.
  6. Language. EduGuide’s curriculum provides scaffolded supports for low literacy students and English language learners, including translation and audio tools, to ensure all students can grow.
  7. Accessibility. EduGuide’s platform provides captions, discussion guides and other supports to help all students access learning.  
  8. PD. EduGuide professional development helps staff improve listening, empathy and coaching skills to build bonds with all kinds of students that bring out their best in the classroom.
  9. Reports. EduGuide provides teachers with alerts for students who need help and reviews of which students they’ve engaged with least so they can balance out any inequities.

Making a difference in Dallas

Watch the video to learn how Dallas ISD’s multi-tiered student support program used EduGuide to reduce equity gaps in student achievement in 24 elementary, middle, and high schools. 

“If you care about equity,” said Dallas program director Regina Rice, “ I highly recommend you try EduGuide. It grows a school culture in which everyone builds each other up.”

Read more about EduGuide’s work in Dallas. 

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