Dallas ISD & EduGuide

Thank you for your interest in EduGuide. We’re an award-winning nonprofit, and for more than a decade, Ford, Kellogg, Lumina and others have funded our work to build social and emotional strengths, helping grow our impact to tens of thousands of students.    

EduGuide’s tools ensure proven intervention delivery that is efficient, effective, measurable, and personal. It’s built around how students learn, and how the human brain builds habits over time. Because it’s a blended online program, EduGuide ensures the fidelity of the model across large schools and districts. Every student gets the same evidence-based impact every time, plus we offer blended learning, group and school culture elements to customize the program to your needs.

And to make sure your program is successful, EduGuide’s training equips everyone, staff and students, to use evidence-based strategies to coach and encourage their peers and themselves. It creates a school culture in which everyone is coaching each other to bring out their best. EduGuide also dedicates a results coach to work with each school to continually improve their results. EduGuide Results Coach Alma Garcia previously worked in the Dallas office of Educate Texas, leading the state’s early college movement; she now works with EduGuide schools to help them quickly launch their programs and overcome obstacles along the way.

We hope you’ll take a few minutes to learn more about our program and how it can benefit your students and staff. Please:

  1. Watch a video introducing the program
  2. Demo EduGuide’s first five activities (“presentation”)
  3. Check out our supplemental materials:
  4. Contact EduGuide’s Outreach Manager, Emily Stivers, via email at Emily@EduGuide.org or phone at 517-374-4083

Thank you for your time and consideration!


The EduGuide Team