With matching grant support from the Greater Texas Foundation, La Joya Independent School District brought EduGuide’s Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) program to seven of their T-STEM and other high school academies. The Academies combine traditional high school curriculum with rigorous college-level coursework and partnerships with employers to ensure career readiness. La Joya ISD selected EduGuide because the program focuses on SEL skills that are highly-valued by employers, including problem-solving, teamwork and effective communication.

Here’s what students and staff reported about the program:

“T-STEM and other academy students need more support to tackle advanced curriculum,” explained Lupe Chavez, La Joya Academies Director. “EduGuide equips them with skills and mindsets to persist. The program has been remarkable in its delivery and impact on La Joya ISD students.”

That impact is corroborated by staff and students at the schools. “My students are able to express themselves and give value to the program,” stated Luis Bocanegra, Administrator of La Joya Palmview High School T-STEM Academy. “They are more vocal in class and give each other more respect. And I value the opportunity that it gives us to see the other side that the students don’t bring into the classroom, that we don’t always get a chance to see.”

In a post assessment of students and staff, 91% of La Joya students reported growth using EduGuide, and 100% of staff reported observing growth in students. The most-commonly reported growth areas were self-motivation, confidence to achieve a college/career degree, and listening better to constructive feedback – all particularly critical factors in tackling rigorous college and career curriculum. Full post assessment results:

2017-18 School Year Student Impact Assessment Results

Students reported higher grades and test scores, better attendance and completing more schoolwork. “EduGuide is an excellent resource to address the social and emotional component of learning,” concluded Principal Bocanegra.

EduGuide La Joya ISD Case Study.

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