Dallas ISD Builds Equity With EduGuide

Advancing equity starts with understanding students more deeply so we can better support them. Dallas ISD chose to achieve that through a partnership between their African American Success Initiative (AASI) and nonprofit EduGuide’s results-based Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) program. Students in 24 elementary, middle and high schools worked with teachers and other staff mentors on their goals and struggles through EduGuide’s unique SEL activities.

“EduGuide is a powerful program that I’ve seen make a real difference in students’ lives,” Dallas ISD AASI Director Regina Rice said. “EduGuide makes teachers’ jobs easier too, because it’s simple to use and builds better relationships with students. Students listen better and are more engaged because they know teachers care and understand them for who they are and who they are striving to become.”

A Title I support program, Dallas ISD’s AASI aims to close the achievement gap by educating all students for success. The program increases access to opportunities by engaging students in conversations about their goals, futures and academic progress, as well as colleges and careers. EduGuide provides a strategic way for Dallas AASI to both build those relationships and track progress toward their objectives.

Dallas ISD’s program uses EduGuide to:

  1. Systematically develop students’ SEL skills with EduGuide’s evidence-based activities.
  2. Gain insights into how to better support and engage students, as teachers and other staff mentors read and respond to student reflections on EduGuide.
  3. Track progress toward objectives in student engagement and improvements in key academic behaviors.
  4. Train students to be positive peer influences as they in turn mentor peers on what they’re learning.

“Students love EduGuide’s technology and the activities and challenges bring out the best in them,” states Rice. Staff report that students in the program are listening better to feedback, completing more schoolwork and achieving better grades. One teacher at Carter High School reported observing improvements in 11 different indicators of student achievement.

Students report being inspired by the activities, learning life lessons not otherwise taught in school, and building leadership skills to lift others to success. A student at Kennedy-Curry Middle School said that EduGuide makes you “open your eyes and to never give up on your life and to make you feel better about yourself.”

“If you care about equity,” Rice concludes, “ I highly recommend you try EduGuide. It grows a school culture in which everyone builds each other up.”

To learn more about how EduGuide can make a difference for your students, schedule a meeting with our team: http://www.eduguide.org/scheduling.

You can also download a printable copy of our Dallas ISD AASI case study here: 18-05 Dallas AASI Case Study


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