Finish Strong: EduGuide PD Activity

This Professional Development activity for staff meetings has a short video and brief questions each person can write about, and it’s a great way to keep momentum going in the final months of the school year — or to get started fresh in the fall.

The activity is simple to use. First, print enough copies of the worksheet for your team. Then, after you watch the video either individually or as a group, pass out the worksheet and give staff 15 minutes to write their responses. Finally, bring the group together again for a discussion.

It’s a quick way to collaborate in building evidence-based social-emotional, noncognitive skills to help your students.

Get the EduGuide Professional Development Worksheet

And here’s the video that goes with the activity (there’s also a short link given in the worksheet):

This is just a sample of EduGuide’s multilayered system for professional learning, coaching and support. Schools can choose to either use EduGuide’s professional development features by themselves or start students at any time and use the PD in tandem with supporting student growth.

Our full PD program includes:

  1. Leadership development. At the district level and at each school, EduGuide’s Results Coaches work to develop champions for growing student social and emotional strengths. EduGuide equips these champions to support their peers in implementing the program and continually improving their coaching practices. EduGuide collaborates with champions to plan, customize and grow their SEL community of purpose.
  2. Comprehensive launch training for all teachers and staff involved at each school. Because EduGuide’s online activities require little-to-no prep, launch training can be efficiently accomplished in as little as two hours or extended to address key coaching strategies. A one-hour interactive online orientation provides additional support to ensure that all staff have easy access and to reinforce key concepts. Coaches arrange additional custom training during the year upon request.
  3. Self-paced professional development. EduGuide provides each staff member with their own professional path of online activities that parallel what students will learn, incorporating related instructional practices and coaching tips. For instance, staff learn a research-based model for effective encouragement shown to increase positive behaviors, and practice ways that they can use this with students. EduGuide’s online professional development platform has several unique advantages:
    1. The 15-minute weekly PD activities create a regular habit of reflection that helps staff incorporate the concepts into their instructional practices. Staff can complete the self-paced activities from any internet-connected device; busy staff can even work on EduGuide on a smartphone while waiting in line at the grocery store.
    2. Everything staff accomplish on EduGuide is tracked so leaders can monitor program implementation and recognize progress in real time, including PD activities completed, responses written, coaching comments made, and time invested. Because all of the learning and practice is measurable, EduGuide can even be used to award continuing education units.
    3. School leaders can also use EduGuide to monitor and support staff on their PD and coaching practices. And staff can even use it collaboratively to coach each other on their professional development path.
  4. Learning for equity. We believe that one of the most important professional development roles EduGuide plays is in helping teachers and other staff hear student voices in a new way. Many students are not equitably served by the way relationships work in today’s classrooms. While a teacher may get to know and regularly call on some students, even with the best of intentions, many other students often remain marginalized: those who are introverted, lower performing, less popular, regularly cited for behavior and attention issues, or minorities who may have a less trusting relationship with teachers.EduGuide provides a safe space where each student can reflect on their heroes, dreams for their future, barriers, sense of purpose, and personal goals and growth strategies. And just as important, our coaching dashboard provides a way for teachers to interact with and see each of their students differently, to adapt teaching practices and to build bonds that facilitate learning.Staff regularly tell us that they have come to know each of their students at a deeper level in a way that reminds them of why they went into education in the first place. And we have recommitted ourselves as a nonprofit to helping educators use these insights to create learning environments where this is true for all staff and students.
  1. Ongoing coaching. EduGuide assigns a coach to work with each school, to develop champions, customize plans and coach staff to continually improve outcomes throughout the year. In Texas, EduGuide’s Lead Results Coaches are Dr. Denise Davis and Alma Garcia. They previously addressed social emotional issues as part of initiatives they led for early college and college access with the State of Texas, National Foundations and others at Educate Texas’s Dallas office. Both have decades of teaching and administrative experience that has helped them become effective coaches in helping schools implement best practices.

To learn more, schedule a meeting with our team.


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