EduGuide Supports Rural Special Education Needs

By Laurie McKay, Special Education Supervisor at Wexford Missaukee Intermediate School District

wexford_mapThe Wexford Missaukee Intermediate School District’s classroom programs for students with emotional impairments have just completed our second year of EduGuide’s Curriculum.  EduGuide has been easy, enjoyable and highly applicable to our students, especially with emotional impairments.  EduGuide is not a special education curriculum.  Rather, it is a tier-one intervention curriculum that we were easily able to modify to meet our students’ needs.  Students learn the value of persevering under pressure through this curriculum.

We have integrated EduGuide with both English Language Arts and Affective lessons.  The coaches preview the materials to help the students self-reflect, discuss and ‘mentor’ a fictitious student through the weekly lesson.  In our program, self-regulation and understanding of emotions play a pivotal role in all academics.  EduGuide provides a supportive arena to discuss these important components, while giving us common vocabulary and experiences to reach deeper understanding of the issues for both coaches and students.

EduGuide provides technical and content support, as well as qualitative and quantitative metrics to help assess our effectiveness and our students’ growth.  The staff is friendly, very helpful and quick to respond.  We have found EduGuide to be an invaluable part of our affective program.  I highly recommend this curriculum.

If you think EduGuide would be a good fit for your classroom, please schedule a personal tour


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