Flush Your Brain

Most students experience sleep deprivation at least once in their educational careers. However, a routine lack of sleep can have detrimental impacts on student health, and can wreak havoc on their ability to learn.

Our brains need sleep to flush out toxins. And if our brains don’t get to flush out toxins, we can find ourselves literally walking around with gunk in our heads. That makes it more difficult to focus, and can drastically diminish the brain’s ability to take in new information.

But perhaps most ironic is that as we grow more tired, we think less clearly and become less able to judge how it’s affecting our performance. Studies have shown that people who think they have adapted to getting as little as six hours of sleep are actually going downhill on performance tests without realizing it.

Students using EduGuide report that they are taking steps to get more sleep. Through activities exploring the human brain and how sleep affects it, EduGuide encourages students to prioritize rest and get seven to nine hours of sleep each night to flush out toxins. Our activities help them think about changing their schedule, lifestyle, and habits to achieve extraordinary health and learning benefits related to the aspects of their lives they care about most.

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