Building A Community Of Purpose

“Tired, stressed and bored.” A  2015 national survey found those are the three most common words students use to describe how they feel in school. How did the institution designed to get students engaged in learning become the place where they get turned off of it? And how do we turn that around?


It starts with helping our students and our schools deepen their sense of purpose. Research by Dr. David Yeager and colleagues with a large sample of urban students found that those with a more self-transcendent purpose for their learning — such as wanting to learn so that they could help others — not only studied harder and scored higher than their peers, they also persisted longer in pursuing their goals: they were twice as likely to still be in college one year after high school.

EduGuide’s nonprofit mission is to provide tools to help you help students build the mindsets and skills to fulfill their purpose. And we are also partnering with schools and colleges to become communities of purpose, where everyone on campus learns to coach each other to bring out their best. If you would like to learn more about our partner program, we would be happy to schedule a time to give you a tour.


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