Motivating Students: Some Exciting Results

We’re seeing some exciting results from our partner schools, universities and other groups using EduGuide for 15+ minutes per week with their students. Check out what they have to say:

In a recent survey of EduGuide coaches — faculty, counselors, volunteers and others who mentor students using EduGuide’s platform — 82 percent reported observing impacts in 5 or more areas of student success:


As we wrap up the year, we’re also looking forward to next year: preparing new activities, best practices, and platform features to make our program even stronger.

We’re a nonprofit, so the cost to you — which varies depending on your group size — is far less than what this program costs us to implement. We include a year’s worth of 15-minute, online multimedia activities, a time-saving platform that will help your team connect with students and monitor results, expert coaching from EduGuide’s staff, and blended learning materials for turning 15-minute activities into full-hour lessons if you want to go even further.

To learn more, start by requesting a customized partnership plan.


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