Activity: Automatic Thoughts

Our thoughts constantly help us interpret everything that happens during our day, from the comments that greet us in the morning to the rush of events that fill each hour. Without even realizing it, we are giving our own meanings to everything around us. So what happens when these automatic thoughts tend to be negative and distorted by fear?

Many students struggle with a lack of self-confidence and grit that is fueled by such negative automatic thoughts. Here’s a great introductory video you can share with your students to help them understand their own minds a little better, and reflect on automatic thoughts in a journaling exercise.

Try this out with your students, and let us know, in the comments, how it goes!

Want to go deeper? You can also schedule a meeting to learn more about EduGuide’s program to help students regularly work through self-defeating inner dialogues and develop the grit they need to set goals and overcome obstacles along the way.


2 Responses to “Activity: Automatic Thoughts

  • Video was helpful, practical, and short enough to immediately apply the steps.

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