“It Makes You Think” – Ashley’s Story

Ashley (name changed) is a 9th grader, at a school that introduced the EduGuide program in 2013, who hopes to be the first in her family to attend college one day. Although her grades are average-to-good, her teacher was concerned that Ashley wasn’t raising her hand or speaking much in class. Quiet and shy, Ashley was afraid to volunteer an answer or even ask a question because her classmates thought she was smart, and she didn’t want to prove them wrong by saying something “stupid.”

Students such as Ashley can be at high risk of dropping out during their first year of college, because they are afraid to ask for help when they struggle with or feel overwhelmed by the setbacks and obstacles that are inevitable in college. Sometimes the “imposter syndrome” can set in, where the student — no matter how smart they are — can start to feel as though they may be unmasked as a fraud at any moment.

EduGuide’s activities are teaching Ashley that it’s okay to be wrong, because a wrong answer is just an opportunity to learn. It’s teaching her to have a growth mindset about the challenges and setbacks she faces. And Ashley’s teacher reports not just that Ashley raises her hand more often, but that her whole attitude has changed — she is brighter, more alert, and more attentive in class.

Hear it from Ashley, in her own words, and then make an appointment to learn how EduGuide might be able to help your students.


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