The Research Behind EduGuide’s Model

ashleyGrit. Growth mindset. Self control.

These are some of the non-cognitive skills that a decade of research indicates are critical to student success, both in the classroom and beyond. In the past few years, leading psychologists have made amazing strides in developing activities that equip students with these skills, with impressive results including .3 GPA increases, improved academic behaviors, increased degree completion, and achievement gaps closed by as much as half.

EduGuide’s system is designed to deliver these activities with fidelity, and to amplify their impact with the unique, interactive features of our online platform. Thanks to multiple national grants, we’ve been able to research, design, develop and scale this model to deepen its impact.

Students report that EduGuide motivates them to do more school work, aim for higher education, and have a greater sense of purpose about what they want to learn. Students also report that it has helped them to mentor others and to improve relationships even when they face challenges.

For a quick sharable summary of this intro, download the EduGuide Research Brief.

To learn how you can get EduGuide for your students, schedule a partnership meeting here.


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