Special Delivery: Mail a Note to Your Child

By Shaunda Wenger

Whenever I get the mail, my kids ask, "Is there anything for me?" In response, I used to hand off the junk mail, pretending excitement, and hope it would satisfy them.

It did, but only because they didn't know how to read. They were captivated by pictures and colors that the junk mail offered. However, I soon realized I had a chance to give more.

I found that a simple letter addressed to my children brightens their day. I hope these easy-to-deliver mailbox surprises will help build a lasting bridge of communication.

Keep letters simple.
Letters to children don't need to be long--just a few sentences--especially if you want to keep the attention of young ones. Children know that letters are gifts, and your written words will leave a lasting impression. Your letters are likely to be read at least twice, then placed in safe-keeping to be read again tomorrow. More importantly, you'll find that the letters begin conversations with your child that extend the letter's content.

Mailbox surprises can be serious, light-hearted, or fun. Recently, I turned packing for a family vacation into a scavenger hunt by mailing my kids a list of things to find and place in their suitcases. We had a great time getting this chore done!

Use your imagination.
I've tried other ideas to keep the mail interesting:

Regardless of how you create your mailbox surprises, the most important thing about them is you're taking time to share yourself with your child. You won't regret it, and their hearts will sing.


Shaunda Wegner is a mother and freelance writer in Utah.