EduGuide Privacy Policy

We believe in a lot of things at EduGuide – and one of our core beliefs is your right to privacy. We hate spam and the dozens of mail-order catalogs that mysteriously appear in your post box after you buy something online, too. Rest assured – we never share, sell or divulge your information to third parties. We guard the information that you give us like we guard great-great-grandma’s good china – securely, and with reverence. Note: Users of must also agree to our Terms of Use.

How Does EduGuide Use Contact Information?

We use your contact information to communicate with you – and only you (FYI except in the event of endangerment in which case we are obligated by law to contact local agencies.) Internally, we also rely on user comments and web analytics (see below for more detail) to guide the design of our products and programs.

Why Do I Need To Sign Up?

Users can always surf our library of content, read articles, tips, guides and answers, take quizzes and generally just check out the EduGuide community without signing up. When you order EduGuides, donate, subscribe to the EduGuide Parents' Newsletter, save goals, create an EduGuide RoadMap Plan, download resources or contact us with a question, we ask you to create a username and password and provide an email address so we can confirm your requests and give you updates. Knowing a little bit about our contributors also helps us to secure the EduGuide community. Since users have to log in to contribute, we can also prevent community offenders from logging in again. If there’s a problem, we want to know how to let our community know. If there are new resources available that we think you would like, we’d also like to fill you in. And – signing up does have its advantages for you. When you sign up, you get…

Username and Password Safety

Remember to be smart about your username and password. Make it tricky for others to figure out by using combinations of letters, numbers and symbols. Keep it in a secure place. Never tell others your username and password. EduGuide will assume that you are the only person who uses your username and password. This means that you are fully and solely responsible for all activity at from your account.

How Do I Opt in/Opt Out?

Receiving email messages and posted mail from EduGuide, our partners and sponsors is optional. When you sign up for an EduGuide account, we invite you to subscribe to resources that we think you will find useful. Of course, users are welcome to give our value-added resources a pass at any time. We do, however, reserve the right to send registered users certain communications such as service announcements and essential administrative messages that keep our users informed and enable us to maintain relationships professionally, ethically and responsibly.

Email Updates - Opting Out

Email messages sent to our users will always allow users to unsubscribe by following the “unsubscribe” links. Users can also go to “Edit My Profile” at and select “Notifications” to opt in or out of any subscriptions directly. Once you opt out, EduGuide will use every reasonable effort to delete your records from our databases. That said, because we’re also pretty big on back-ups for security, residual database copies of user information may continue to exist in a system back-up file. Though we’ll do our best, we can’t guarantee deletion in every instance.

Email Updates - Opting In

Users can review their opt In choices at Once you are logged in, go to “Edit My Profile” and then “Notifications”. You can opt in to email alerts by checking the options available there.

Posted Mail – Opting Out

If you would rather not receive information from EduGuide via the post, please send an email to or write to us at the address listed below.

Managing My Account

Logged in users can edit their profile at any time by using the “Edit My Profile” link. If you need technical support to update your information or would like to cancel your account, you may contact our Community Coordinator, Jenny Holliday at She’ll take care of your needs.

Response Times

If you contact us to request a change, we will use commercially reasonable efforts to implement your request as quickly as possible.


The contact information we collect from users is kept on a secure server in a physically-secured building owned and operated by Liquid Web in Lansing, Michigan. The server is constantly monitored, automatically updated and patched to protect information from outside malfeasance using the best encryption software and industry security standards that include but are not limited to: Information that users provide is transmitted over secure lines. You can tell whether encryption and security standards are being used by noting the “locked” or security status indicator in your web-browser window. You should see a lock icon or other security indicator when you are sharing information with EduGuide. Only approved EduGuide officers have access to information that is stored in our databases. Only officers of Liquid Web have access to the server location. We also use commercially reasonable efforts to secure our offices and protect user information offline. All sensitive user information is securely maintained in our offices or at the facilities of our information technology providers. Access to our office server is limited to authorized EduGuide employees and our authorized computer technician. Hard-copy files are held under lock-and-key. We use reasonable efforts to assure our employees and agents are informed of our security and privacy policies.

How Does EduGuide Protect Children

We exist because we believe that children are our most precious resource. We want to do everything we can to help kids reach their full potential so we take the Child Online Privacy and Protection Act and other child privacy laws very seriously. EduGuide takes every possible precaution to protect the privacy of children. First and foremost, the “My EduGuide RoadMap” function is intended for use by parents and high school students who are over the age of 13 only. Parents may personalize roadmaps for each of their children by naming the roadmaps, and indicating their child’s age and grade. Parents should not, however, publish anything on our site that divulges the identity of their child. Parents should never use their child’s full name on our site. Educators creating RoadMaps for their students are encouraged to use student numbers rather than full names to identify their students. Students, who are younger than 13, are encouraged to read articles, take quizzes and use information that helps them set goals and succeed in school. They can do all of these things without providing any personal information on our site. They are not allowed, however, to participate in any of our contests or blogs, community forums, save goals, create roadmaps, take surveys, or sign up for emails. Students under the age of 13 are not permitted to create accounts at

What if Personal Information Is Accessed by Unauthorized Persons?

If we believe that your personal information has been accessed by unauthorized persons, we will contact you by email, telephone, fax, post or by posting a notice on the site. Depending on the circumstances, we will decide the best way to contact you. Where any notice is sent to an address or number, we will use the latest available address in our records. Except to the extent prohibited by law, you agree to this means of notification.


Cookies are programs that allow websites to remember your computer. does use cookies to provide users with personalized services. For instance, when you ask to remember you, you can safely assume that we have used a cookie. If you would like to disable and/or delete cookies from your computer at the end of your web session, use your web browser’s settings to do so.

Email Policy

EduGuide promises to adhere to the following guidelines whenever it communicates with its members, user, readers, and web visitors:

What Information Does EduGuide Share with Advertisers?

Our non-profit mission is supported by advertisers who pay to present their names, logos, products and advertisements on our website. Advertisers who spend money on the web want to know how many people are seeing their ad. They also want to know how many individuals use our site each month. To sell and maintain the advertising streams that support our work, EduGuide does share aggregated analytics – including number of unique users and number of page views. We also tell advertisers which pages on our site are most often visited. We tell them, on average, how much time users spend at our site and the number of pages they visit when they come to We also tell them which site features are of greatest interest to our user population. None of this information is linked to information that can identify individual users.

Lead Generation

Users will be given the option to request information from our advertising partners. If a user sees an ad on our site and clicks to request information, the user accepts full responsibility for managing the flow of his or her own personal information. will not divulge a user’s email or personal information to advertisers unless a user specifically requests information from an advertising partner.

Analysis of User Information

Based on the information that users provide when they sign up and manage their account with EduGuide, we also analyze our registered user population. We share, with advertisers, general information about our users as a group. We analyze trends. We never share specifics or personal information. We analyze data to answer the following potential questions about our user population:

How Else Does EduGuide Use these Analytics?

These population statistics direct, in part, EduGuide’s product and site development as well. We consider user needs and interests when we design new functionality, new content, blog topics, material for the EduGuide insider, and make revisions to our web pages.

Outsourcing of Distribution

EduGuide does work with outside shipping companies who distribute our publications to our clients. We use commercially reasonable diligence to restrict the purposes for which our distributors use your personal information. Our distributors agree to comply with our privacy protection policies. They should only use your information to send you what you’ve ordered. They should only save information for backup and recovery purposes and they must keep this information secure. Although we use good faith efforts in working with our distributors, we cannot and will not be responsible to users for misuse of personally identifiable information by our distribution partners. This section of our privacy policy is intended as a general description of our practices. It does not impose any duty upon us and it does not constitute a representation or warranty by us upon which you may rely.

Links and Information Gathered by Others

EduGuide may link to other websites. We link only if we feel, in our best judgment, that another site is reputable, credible and reliable and that the link offers enhanced service to our user commmunity. We cannot and do not, however, operate those websites and we cannot control the information that the operators of other websites gather about you, publish on their site or distribute. We are therefore not responsible for any of the activities of the operators of other websites. We cannot constantly monitor websites. If it comes to our attention that a website to which we have linked no longer meets the criteria of our linking policy, we reserve the right to remove the outside link.

Email a Friend

We allow you to email articles and other content to friends from our site. If you choose to email a friend, you represent and warrant to us that you have an existing buisiness or personal relationship with the friend or acquaintance sufficient to avoid liability under any law that applies to unsolicited email. You will be the sender of any such email and we will merely be a service provider facilitating your sending of the email.

Judicial and Legal System Compliance

Though EduGuide promises to keep your information secret and secure, we may be compelled to release information should the law require it. We will only disclose personal information when we have a good-faith belief that such action is necessary to comply with a current judicial proceeding, a court order or legal process served on our organization.

Changes to our Privacy Policy

Changes to our privacy policy will be posted here. If you are a registered user, we will inform you, via email, of significant changes to this policy that affect the ways we use your personal information. If you reply to this email within a reasonable time and request that we not use your personally identifiable information in the proposed new manner, we will honor this request, but we reserve the right to suspend your access to all or part of the services offered through our site if you do so. If you do not reply to this email, or we receive a reply of “undeliverable” or similar message from your last-know email address, in either case after a reasonable time, we will use the information in the proposed new manner. By using, you agree to this change procedure.

Contact Us

Need to talk to us about our privacy policy? Give us a call or e-mail us. We welcome your questions and thoughts.

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